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At Thrivebe, we believe that taking care of your health every day doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Everyone has the right to look and feel amazing, and also have time for themselves. Therefore, we try to make it as simple as possible.

About us


It all started with an idea to solve our problem.

Thrivebe (thrive + be, meaning to be developing, successful) for us means a sensible approach to health while understanding the needs of our body, which helps to build great well-being and perfect form… just to be thriving every day.

We know very well that in order to live a healthy life you need adequate, regular nutrition, physical activity and other healthy habits. In a perfect world, we would all have the knowledge and time to put it all together. Unfortunately, for us, it was difficult, especially when we tried to combine work with family life. We wanted to live an active and healthy life and still have time for ourselves. The pace of life every day and the desire to eat healthily… it was mutually exclusive for us!

For this reason, we often opted for “junk food” that could be quickly prepared and eaten. We got used to it easily because it was fast, tasty and usually cheap. We were aware that, unfortunately, this type of food is supposed to, above all, taste good and not provide the right nutrients. So we started looking for a solution that would work in the realities in which we operate.


We started cooperation with experienced nutritionists and biotechnologists, who, using the latest results of scientific research related to the functioning of the human body and healthy nutrition, created a formula based on natural plant ingredients that support our body comprehensively. This is how Thrivebe was born and now it comprehensively supports our daily nutrition.


This is how ThriveDrink was created – a drink that is the result of many months of work until we finally felt confident that its ingredients will support us on eight levels every day (immunity, energy, relaxation, mind, intestines, efficiency, youth, weight). The next ones are the comprehensive ThriveShake cocktails – for everyone and at any time of the day, and ThriveFood, i.e. comprehensive meals enriched not only with vitamins and minerals but also with Q10 coenzyme or lutein. And everything can be prepared in half a minute

It was a great feeling when we finally realized we had our solution – thrivebe. For us, it’s not food or drink, it’s a lifestyle. Therefore, we especially care about the high quality of our products and we eat them ourselves every day.

A healthy diet was the beginning of positive changes. Maintaining health requires each of us to lead a healthy lifestyle and therefore we focus on three key principles: a balanced diet, physical activity and sleep.

Everyone has their own individual reason and purpose for making changes. What’s yours?

Dominika and Marek

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