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If you wish to subscribe to our products, you need to provide us with your payment card data so that we can charge it ….and send the package to you e.g. every  4 weeks – according to your choice. We’re just like Netflix or Spotify! We cannot access your data fully because it’s encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. Stripe, our payment system, has been verified by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) independent security evaluator and certified as PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which is considered to be the highest level of certification in the payment industry. You’re safe with us!


To create a subscription, simply visit any of our thrivebe product pages and:

  1. Choose “Subscribe – 7% off
  2. Select the flavours and the quantity you want to add to your subscription
  3. Choose the frequency you want to receive your delivery, for example 4 weeks (the most popular)
  4. Click on Subscribe

This will take you to the cart page, where you can review your order and proceed to the secure checkout.


To manage your subscriptions, you need to have a thrivebe account.

You will be asked to create an account when completing the checkout for your subscription. You will just need to insert your email and create a password.

Alternatively, please follow the below instructions to create your thrivebe  account or log in.

  1. Go to our My Account page. You can also access this via the menu on mobile view.
  2. Enter the required details (e.g.First Name, Last Name, e-mail, phone numer…)
  3. Select the create account button or Log in.
  4. Tick the box on the reCAPTCHA page to confirm you’re not a robot

You can then either continue shopping or go back to the my account link which takes you to your personal account area where you can manage every aspect of your subscription.


Now you’re in your thrivebe account area and you have quick access to the main functionalities of the account:

  • My Orders: Here you will see your orders and their status.
  • My Subscription:  a list of all active subscriptions. You can easily change your address delivery, change or cancel your subscriptions. You can change all aspects of your subscription.
  • My details: Name, email address, password and password change option
  • My addresses: shipping address and billing address
  • Payment methods: manage payment methods. Add, change and set as you wish.
  • Refer & gain: refer a friend and the two of you will receive PLN 25.00 discount on your next order of at least PLN 299.00
  • Log out: log out of your account


Go toMy Subscriptionand manage your subscription. This function enables you to:

  • Change the next payment date
  • Send now. New schedule from now: send Thrivbe now. The delivery schedule starts today but the delivery frequency remains the same.
  • Subscription edition: you can change subscription parameters such as changing the product and its flavors, frequency of orders, etc.
  • Address change: you are going on holiday, or in the mountains, or …. and there you want to get your Thrivebe? Here you can change the delivery address.
  • Skip delivery: you are leaving and you will not be able to pick up your Thrivebe, or you just want to skip one delivery, you can do it here.
  • Change of payment methods: manage your payment methods. When your card is about to expire or you want to change the method. Add, remove, and set as preferred
  • Speed ​​up delivery: speed up the date of the next delivery.The other delivery dates remain unchanged.
  • Unsubscribing: You can easily cancel your subscriptions at any time
  • Suspend Subscription: The subscription is stopped. No fees are charged.
  • Subscription resumption: Once you realize how fun and easy it was with Thrivebe, activate yours

Have fun…and be thrive every day!

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